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Magic Hugs

Scott Blair

Tim Wilkerson
about Magic Hugs
Like every baby, Magic Hugs was the result of too many bottles of wine while watching Home Improvement Season 3 on DVD. The goal of Magic Hugs has been the same since day one....make comedy the whole family can enjoy together.

Magic Hugs was established by Tim Wilkerson and Scott Blair, in January 2008. These Chicago suburb natives began collarbating on many mini-documentaries for a student produced television show called alt.news 26:46 at Southern Illinois University. From that spurred the idea of creating a sketch comedy group that would showcase their talents as actors, writers, and directors in hopes to leading them to bigger and better things.

Tim and Scott would like to think Magic Hugs is somewhat known as they have been featured on Comedy Central's "AtomTV", G4's "Attack of the Show", FOX News' "The Special Report" (don't ask why), at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and the L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival. They've also been featured on the front pages of Digg, Cracked, FunnyorDie, Collegehumor, TodaysBIGthing, and Atom.

How long will they continue to make videos? Probably until the end of the week.

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