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Scott Blair

Tim Wilkerson
about Scott Blair
Awwww Shizz. Good afternoon friends. Scott Blair is a pretty bizarre cat. He's not very good at anything, and can't read very well either. But he is kinda funny looking, and he makes really tasty tuna fish sandwhiches. He's been acting on screen for like 6 days now, and it seems to be going pretty great. He buys most of his friends and can do like 3 cartwheels in a row on a good day.

But for reals, Scott has been doing on-camera acting and improv since he was a little tyke. He did mini news segments in high school and then continued to do so when he ventured on to college. There he met Tim Wilkerson, they kissed gently on the lips and began producing content of their own. He has since hosted 7 news segments for the emmy award winning show alt.news 26:46, and even won a professional emmy for his work on those segments.

Comedy is pretty much the only thing he's good at, and the only thing he could ever see himself doing. Hopefully you don't think he's too much of a douche, cause he could really use your friendship, and company, and a bath...

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- Favorite friends?
Dan, Jake, Fran, Dean, Urg, Donuts, Irene, maybe Rick, Gloria.

- Favorite word?

- How are you?
I'm ok, I guess.

- Great things?
Dads, jean jackets, the television machine, old peeps, knee-high socks on chubby kids.