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Tim Wilkerson
about Tim Wilkerson
You may not see much of Tim on-screen (there's a few skits he'll throw himself in) but he's there behind the camera on every Magic Hugs shoot. He started making movies on his aunt's Betamax camcorder in 5th grade. As an avid wrestling fan when he was young, the majority of his productions including taping his buddies battle it out as well as taping himself play WCW vs. NWO on N64 (best game ever). Throughout high school he continued making videos for class projects and documentaries on his varisty basketball team.

When it came time for big-boy school he found that Southern Illinois University was the best place to go to continue his independent productions. He joined the award winning student produced television show, alt.news 26:46. Graphic design and editing became the bread and butter of Tim's summers' throughout college as he was an assistant editor on G4's "Hurl!" and created the DVD menus for Wes Anderson's "The Darjeeling Limited" and "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" with Dustin Hoffman (we're best friends now).

But comedy directing and writing is where his love truly lies and as a recent graduate he plans to continue on that path.

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- Life Goal?
Recreate the end chase scene from The Blues Brothers. Nothing fascinates me more than the art of the getaway driver.

- Brad Pitt or poverty?
Both, I think people will respect me more.

- Favorite quote?
"Remember who you, are you are my son and the one true king".

- Favorite thing to do?
Go to a championship.

- Least wanted way to die?
Eaten by a tiger while drowning while lit on fire while being hit by a train.