California trip 3-4-09

Today we're off to L.A. for the L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival, we're super pumped about it. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, Bobcat Goldthwait, Adam Coralla, and a bunch of other people with be there. We'll try to update you with some photos for the screenings and other events.

Also we're going to be meeting with some people from Comedy Central and G4, even checking out a live taping of Attack of the Show. Hopefully something good comes out of it, we're gonna need a j-o-b in a couple of months.

Finally for the few of you that saw our Youth Gynaecologist skit within the hour and a half it existed on the net, you're one of the luck ones. Someone flagged it on YouTube for its sexual content and now we have a strike on our YouTube account, so we have to be careful what we put up there now.

Gotta catch a flight!