SUCK-IT 3 and 4!!! 5-2-09

So we kind of pulled a little prank on you guys & gals, Suck It is a 4-parter...not 3. Sorry if we freaked anyone out, we just wanted to create a little suspense. And we definitely did, here are some of our favorite comments on YouTube for episode 3:
"What the hell? This is so stupid."
"this is your spider-man 3. almost."
"what the hell was that, that didnt need a teaser"

But really, the final episode is here and we're really proud how it turned out.

We want to send a big thanks out to everyone who sent photos to us, we put every one of them in either the skit or credit reel. We'll be putting up a little tribute wallpaper using all your photos sometimes in the next week.