Paper Towels and Hurricane Hugs 5-16-09

So you've tried everything....Shamwow, Zorbeez, and other knock offs, but you can't find a way to clean all your crap up.


That's right, from the masterminds of Scott Blair and special guest director Dylan Damian, comes this amazing infomercial for Paper Towels.

We've also had some other crazy stuff going on lately. One-half of Magic Hugs (Tim) is officially graduated from college and finished with formal education....YAY!!!! But this also happened over a crazy weekend for Carbondale, IL (in case you haven't heard). We were hit by this crazy storm that ended up being called an "Inland Hurricane". We lost power for 6 days and the town is a mess....but we survived!!!!

Carbondale is in the blue eye...where everything is swirling around.

Finally we're going to be revamping the website soon, so make sure to check back this summer and see our new outfit, we'll maybe even take it off you want a personalized email from us.

Hugs forever