What the F is going on? 6-2-09

So it's been over 2 weeks that Paper Towels hit the net and every day we hear of someone else new promoting it. It's Will Ferrell's latest pick on FunnyorDie, Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office) blogged about it, it's currently the #6 most played videos on Myspace today, we received many messages of it airing on Fox News' "The Special Report" (I haven't found a link to this yet, email if you have it), and it was posted on BestWeekEver.tv. Big thanks to everyone who passed it on.


Also remember that skit we once did called "The Mailbox", well it's up for Atom.com's "Showdown" contest and we need your votes again!!!! Just click here and sign up to vote.

New skit coming soon, here's a hint....Wahlberg wasn't available for the sequel so it was re-casted.

Magic Hugs