3.0 7-3-09

Welcome to the new and improved Magic Hugs website!!! We've got some new features we think you'll really enjoy, Twitter feed on the front page for anyone looking for the latest in the world of Hugs, an about us page to give you a deeper look into our minds and souls, and new wallpapers that we're sure you'll drool over on the Extras page. Big thanks to Erik Nomitch, our webmaster, for putting this puppy together in a jiffy, if you need a web guy, he's your man. Also thanks to Madelyn Kime for all the great new photographs of us across the site and the new wallpapers.

Anyways, let's get back to business. We've got a couple things on the horizon we think you may enjoy. Our skit, "The Getaway" will be airing on Comedy Central's "AtomTV" this Monday night aka early Tuesday morning at 1:30am CT, 2:30am PT, and we're not sure on Mountain and Eastern times, so if anyone finds out let us know. Also we're getting ready for our big trip out to Montreal for the Just for Laughs Film Festival, but we'll be making a two day pit stop in NYC to catch up with some friends. We'll be doing a internet radio show appearance on Take It Or Leave it Radio. It'll be on July 20 at 8pm ET I believe, I'll send an update out when I hear more details.

That's it for now, take a look around the new site and enjoy the scenery.

Magic Hugs