Time to Evolve 8-17-09

Hello all,
Last December we embarked on an adventure through the southern Illinois woods. It was called "Time to Evolve", a 30-minute short film written and directed by Sean Brown starring your friends from Magic Hugs. Nine months later I'm proud to say it's completed and online, and let me tell you it's hilarious!!! This was Sean's thesis film for school, it took four months to shoot over breaks, weekends, and in between classes. We had many battles with the snow, rain, wind, cold, and even sometimes each other but it was super worth it and fun to make. It features H.D. Motyl who you may recognize from The Mailbox as well as Dr. Frankenstein from Bringin' Back Suck-It and also Taylor Hornung from Pregnant Dan. I added a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures to the Extras page.

But mainly make sure you head over to the official website www.TimetoEvolvemovie.com and watch out the movie as well as the trailer Sean put together.

Finally we're up for the Atom Showdown Contest again, fifth time now, for Paper Towels. Please help us out and vote here at Atom.com/showdown.