We're back!!! 9-11-08

Hey everybody,

welcome to the new and improved MagicHugs.com. I'd like to thank Erik Nomitch, William Kasel, and Kelly Reed for all having a part in the design and elements within the new site. So now that we're back, we can get back to business, being funny.

There are a lot of things to talk about that have happened these last couple weeks with our Michael Phelps video and the unfortunately passing of our friend Don LaFontaine, but we'll be blogging about those things each day throughout the week. But in the meantime check out our new skit, "My Grandpa", with Scott Blair, Sean Brown, and introducing Stella (the baby).

So check around the site and see what there is to see. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest info. The "what did we laugh at today" link at the bottom will be updated daily with a funny video that we found somewhere on the web, so we can promise MagicHugs.com will be a great source for your daily dosage of funny.

Magic Hugs