Look into my eyes 9-30-09

Hey huggers,
We've got a bunch of cool things going on right now. Our new sketch, "Staring Contest" has hit the web, which premiered on CampusLIVE. Big thanks to Mr. Jon Solita for lighting that sucker and making it look amazing, Jay Carey for color-correcting the shit out of it and making it look amazinger, Adam Horne for making a killer song, and MY MOM!!!!! No.....I have no inter-rage against my mother, I just couldn't pass on the opportunity on having my mom say "F U" on camera.

Here's a few fun facts about that skit. The "Hurt!" on Sean's shirt was actually a G4tv show that Tim worked on in 2008 as an assistant editor. The "Bad Influence" shirt that Tim wore was given to us from Take It Or Leave It Radio, where we did our first radio appearance. That little red button on Tim's shirt was actually in Robin Williams new movie, "World's Greatest Dad", which was given to us at the premiere at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal this summer.

Also we just launched our new website, LaughGrandma.com. This will be the new home for our "What we laughed at today" link. Once again, the site was put together by our amazing webmaster Erik Nomitch. So check back there everyday for your fixin' of comedy from around the net.

Finally, we're going to start showing our stuff at the Upright Citizen's Brigade in Los Angeles. We'll be playing during the "CDR Sketch" show, which I've seen twice now...it's hilarious. That will start this Tuesday, October 6.

More to come,