we're a Comedy Fetish Finalist 11-11-09

Hey dudes and dudettes,
We've got some pretty cool news for ya, our video "Staring Contest" is a Top 10 Finalist in the FunnyorDie Comedy Fetish Contest. Don't believe us.......click and check it out.

Our video's Funny rating will help determine the final selection for the big winner, who gets to make a video with FunnyorDie and a celebrity..........Will Ferrell? The only way we can find out, is if we win, help us out and vote FUNNY for it right here - Staring Contest.

As far as stuff we have in the works, we have a couple skits from around the country recently produced.
Atlanta- Sean Brown, the writer/director of the incredible Time To Evolve short film, just did a fake commercial that I know you'll all love. I'm not gonna spoil anything.

Chicago- Scott Blair starred in a 48-hour film festival short from the minds of Jay Neander and Jon Solita. And it's definitely like nothing you've seen before from us.

Also check back in the next week for the 2nd part of Randy Quaid's interview on "Conversations with my Very Best Friends".

Later gators,