P.I.C. 1-14-10

Hey huggers,
Lots of craziness right now. We were approved for a YouTube partnership earlier today. Bring on the ad share rev!!! Check out our new pimped out YouTube page now.

Also we just released out latest sketch called Sprinkles. Written and directed by Sean Brown, also writer/director of Time To Evolve. Most of this was shot in Atlanta, GA by Sean and his crew at North Avenue Post. A couple of the interviews were done in LA, you might recognize Payman Benz from the sketch group, Awkward Pictures in one of those interviews, he's super hilarious. And then Scott Blair did the voiceover out of Chicago. Yeah, I know....we're all over the place. But we'll soon be reuniting.

Finally, remember we only have 10 days left in our Hey Contest. Get out there and post your videos soon here to win some sweet stuff.

Bye bye,