Year 2, GOODBYE!!! 1-28-10

Welcome to year three of Magic Hugs. It's been a pretty crazy year, celebrate with us by checking out our Year 2 Fun Reel.

Also we want to announce our winner for our Hey Contest. Created by the PansyFluteLegs from north of the border. This 50 second Tour-De-Force role takes us on a journey on a typical smelly Canadian, just kiddin, but not really...

So that was the winner, thanks for all the submissions we really appreciate all the crappy stuff you guys submitted. Here's some of the other ones we enjoyed..

So year 2 was pretty NEAT! But year 3 is looking to be even awesomer. Scott just moved out to LA and sells homemade doughnuts on the corner of Sunset and La Brea, so stop by if you wana try one and shit your pants 15 minutes later. Also, that means that you can expect a shizzload of new stuff now that the team is assembled again. The hugs revolution has only just begun friends.