Michael Phelps chaos 9-11-08

So I guess the first thing to talk about is our MIchael Phelps video. The video was literally shot in 10 minutes in our rec center swimming pool and posted online 5 hours later. We knew it had potential to be a big, but we weren''t expecting it to cause such a stir. So far it''s only 60,000 views shy of a million on YouTube, it has been featured on CollegeHumor, FunnyorDie (as well as Chris Henchy's (writer for Entourage) pick of the week), 2710 diggs, and oh yeah the #1 viewed comedy video in Taiwan (I think we''re found our audience) the week of the video''s premiere.

And then a week after the video hit the web, a Las Vegas radio talk show posted the video on their website''s daily blog and mentioned the video on the show, playing it off like it was real. That day, the radio show was said to have received the most hate mail ever, so much that the show was pulled from air, 30 minutes prior to their scheduled ending. Here is one of the more interesting letters to that radio show:

Mark and Mercedes and show, I have never been ashamed to listen to your show than i am today. Michael Phelps is an AMERICAN ICON you should not be trying to destroy him. This Man is the greatest U.S. swimmer in the world and he''s AMERICAN. I take your going to start taking another AMERICAN ICON, THE US SOLDIER and say that he''s not respectable too because they have killed other people and we have the video to prove it and we will post it to our site. In the an age of High gas prices, high food prices and a bad economy, we needed Michael Phelps to relieve us of all the bad things that is going on this great country of ours and for shows sake all you want to do is bring him down.Everybody has done bad things before, I''m sure you both have too. When the world series is over and all the players jump on the pitchers mound in celebration is that bad sportsman ship? Super bowl and all the players are wearing t-shirts saying they are champions is that bad sportsmanship? The point is you should not bring your show to a low level just to get ratings. The point is, don''t destroy Michael Phelps, we need somehing good to talk about in this country. J - LAS VEGAS

So yeah that happened, a bunch of people downloaded the video and reposted without the MagicHugs credit (Perez Hilton is one of them), I got a sweet hate email from a Serbian which I have yet to translate, but have a good idea what he is saying... "mame vam ga nabijem. stoke jedne americke, pocrkajte svi do jednog i vi i vas jebeni phelps. FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U, mislite da ste neka sila, ali ste samo PICKE, PUSSIES, PUNI KRIMINALA I SIROMASTVA. KAD GOD VIDIM DA JE NEKI AMER CRKO SLAVIM. CAVIC JE POBEDNIK I BEZ I SA ZLATOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

But really, we had no intention in trying to hurt Phelps, Cavic, (crazy ass) patriots, and Serbia. We literally watched the race and right after said, "I have an idea, I think it can work, let''s go to the rec".

So to everyone who watched it and supported it...thank you, and to everyone who hated it, thank you too....cuz you watched it. Check back tomorrow, I''ll post some of our favorite YouTube comments of the video. And oh yeah, Phelps is hosting SNL this Saturday, so we''ll see how funny he is in real life and not his arms in fake life.