Paper Towels hits 1 MILLION 6-15-10

In light of Paper Towels reaching 1,000,000 views on YouTube, we decided to honor our favorite video responses (as there's a shit ton of them). Whether you laugh with them or at them, they're funny none the less and worth your time.

6. During times like now, this one was a no-brainer.

5. Verbatim videos = great ego boosters.....acknowledging what boosts your ego = pitiful.

4. Even though there weren't any paper towels in this, I'll give him props for liking "Cheese Machine".

4. Review videos are great.

3. We love this because we know they had a blast making it!!!

2. These guys made the list for multiple reasons; (2:15), "ambidextrous", and screen printing a t-shirt that says "" with a picture of Chris Crocker.

1. Sebastian takes the cake though. "Oh my god, oh my god." This kid is going to be a rockstar.

Thanks again to everyone for watching...BEST FRIENDS!!!!