Cover Me coverage...covering...covers 9-28-10

We're super excited to finally have the full version of "Cover Me" up and ready for the world to basque in. It's crazy to think that it was shot over 4 months ago. It was definitely our biggest production ever...12 hour shoot...yeah....I know. We couldn't have done it without our amazing cast and crew of friends.

Here's a list of everyone we wanna thank, in order of how much we like them......just kidding.
Jay Carey, Andy Kastler, Drew Mitchell, Payman Benz, Ron Najor, Randall Park, Larry Hankin, Parker Delon, Jason Sereno, Melissa Beck, Roger Mohn, Michael Swaim, Amy McRoberts, Lee Trovillion, Matthew Quinley, Devin Vaughn, James Milner and

Now for your enjoyment we'd like to present to you the extended cut and behind-the-scenes video.

Extended Cut

Behind-the-scenes by Andy Kastler