TMZing TMZ 11-16-10

Three months ago Ashton Kutcher came to us and said he wanted to turn the tables and mess with TMZ. Here's what we came up with....

It was no cake walk though. Many man hours of stakeouts outside of TMZ's office were put in. But we're happy to say that no cameras or crew were harmed in the stalkings of this video. We did attract quite a lot of attention by the last of shooting outside of TMZ, employees left in packs and Harvey was escorted by a I guess we did our job...haha.

Big thanks to our good friend Larry Hankin for taking part, along with Adam Horne and Tim's bro, Peter, for making music that really sold this thing.

Anyways though, this has been one of the few clients projects we've been doing lately. Sorry for the lack of new stuff but we gotta pay for the rent somehow. We're switching gears back to original stuff now though. We promise you Tight 4 is coming, we just have to shoot a couple more things that require some time sensitive scheduling. Look for it soon....but not that soon.

We love ya,
Magic Hugs