Phelps comments 9-14-08

here are some of our favorite comments from the Michael Phelps video on YouTube...

if this is real why is cavic a fatty?

"Mother with the help of the ultra-funny" (Translated from Chinese)

Stupid and fake

when me and goes tubing we kick are feet and say were michel phelps!! (drunk comment perhaps...)

Michael Phelps looks like Herman from the Munsters.

fuck you

ROFL!! I was laughing so hard when I saw this live. I was totally like "OMG did that really just happen!?"

I can't believe this shit is real. Phelps has serious anger issues, plus I heard he was impotent.

Folks - this is not really. It's a very good parody done by some very creative people. Enjoy the fun and don't take it so seriously. (Thanks Dad)

If you think this is real, for the sake of humanity, please take your own life

this is bs...that fat guy was not even on the olympics...

wtf is magic hugs?! whatever it is, stay away from me!

ALL american athletes have sex with monkeys.

later huggers