Happy Birthday: Year 3 1-29-11

Here we are again everyone, another year has passed. This one a little different though, we've somehow been able to turn Magic Hugs from a fun thing we do for kicks into a way that actually pays the bills. Pretty incredible. Thanks so much to everyone who has watched, shared, commented, liked, funnyed, voted and touched yourself to...our stuff that is. Without you we'd be back home in crystal meth rehab trying to piece our life together.

I guess things can only go up from here, right?

As far as things for the new year, we just got a new manager. He manages that Wizzer band, we're pretty excited. We also have a deal with Atom.com making some exclusives. And that beast that is How To Be Tight episode 4 is gonna be the next video we upload, check back early next month.

We also uploaded a few new videos for ya, our yearly Fun Reel, we re-uploaded a Hugs classic in awesome HD, The Getaway and we did another video with Weezer for State Farm. Check it out below.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who has been with us from the start and everyone who has joined us along the way. You guys have given us massive egos that you can never take away from us now. Congrats!!!

Love, Hugs and Drugs (prescribed),
Magic Hugs