Ketchup 9-29-11

Hey Huggers, Lovers and Friends,
Figured it's been awhile since we said hello. 8 months since we updated ya last...holy sh*t, that went by fast.

Well...where do we start?

- How To Be Tight -
Seems to be an obvious place. The 4th episode has been a long time in the making but it's finally up. We know some of you were anxious...we weren't trying to be douchers or anything. It really came down to scheduling our "Too Legit As Balls" movie scene....which we were honored to have Jason Schwartzman and Ed Begley Jr. be apart. Working with Jason and Ed again was a dream come true....I still have to pinch myself every time I watch that scene. We can't thank those guys enough...along with our manager, Dan, for making this all possible.

Also, thank you to everyone that submitted photos, you're all tight in our book.

- Scott found $5 on the street -
Really big news in the house right now.

- Atom -
You might have noticed that we've been quiet on YouTube these past few months. That's because we've been producing some exclusive content for Atom (as well as an upcoming vid for Collegehumor). We know there's been some overseas issues with watching those vids, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. Luckily, they can go up on our YouTube once each vid's 6 month exclusivity runs out. So to all you that haven't been introduced to Chaw yet....mark November 31 on your calendars.

- Weezer -
Recently, we've been doing some promotional stuff for Weezer's cruise that they'll be doing next January. 4 days, 17 bands, from Miami to Cozumel....each band plays a set each day. It's pretty awesome. Oh, and we're 95% sure that we'll be if you're interested, check out

Here are some of those videos.

Well, that's it for now. Write me something sexy back.