Happy Birthday: Year 4 1-29-12

4 years.....WHAT????????

Another awesome year has passed, we miss it already. From making vids for Atom.com, to working with Jason Schwartzman, to our blossoming friendship with Weezer.

Speaking of which, we just got back from the Weezer Cruise...holy hell, was that amazing. A 5 day cruise from Miami to Cozumel and back with Weezer and 15 other bands performing. Scott hosted a Quiz Show event with the Wizzers along with Tim and Jay Carey Style shooting the whole festival and will soon be cutting some webisodes for the band.

Oh yeah, did you see Scott in a Collegehumor video recently?

Anyways, as usual, we posted another fun Fun Reel along with some pictures from our Happy Birthday Party last night.

We can't thank you guys/gals enough. We suppose the only way we can truly pay you back is with more craziness...and I promise you, we will deliver.

Thanks friends (except you Eric Rafferty),