Pregnant Dan UPDATED 11-13-08

Hello Huggers,
Here is our new awesome skit called "Pregnant Dan". This skit has been a long time in the making, being that is was the 2nd skit ever written for Magic Hugs back in December 2007. You see the only way this project would ever get made was if our good friend Andy Kastler was attached to play Pregnant Dan and after many scheduling conflicts we finally got it to work out. We also want to welcome back Adam Slutsky as well as introduce Suzanne Milano and Taylor Hornug to the bunch.

Check back soon as we're going to post some videos we made for a few contests, as well as a documentary we did back in August.

Enjoy kats!!!

UPDATED - It just so happened that today Barbara Walters announced that Thomas Beatie, the man (once woman) that gave birth 5 months back is pregnant again!!! Check out the article and video announcement from The View here.